Saturday, January 26, 2008

It NEVER rains in Southern California?

But it snows!

It’s almost Sunday and there’s supposed to be another “gully washer” on the way. So much for my prostheletizing about water conservation. When the local reservoirs are predicted to overflow with this next storm, everyone will forget that we live in a semi-desert for a few more years.

Not only did we receive almost 5 inches in 24 hours last week, but Momma Nature left a gorgeous dusting of snow on the Santa Ynez Mountains behind town. Unfortunately, the cloud level was pretty low and there wasn’t any direct sun, so this shot isn’t as spectacular as it could be.

But what I really love is seeing the juxtaposition of the snow on our native chaparral vegetation, the Spanish architecture of the Santa Barbara Mission, and a collection of palms, and South African aloes all in one view. Life’s beautiful.


kate said...

It never rains, but it pours. Better that than drought - we are so used to hearing about the lack of rain in CA that is it quite something to hear about over-flowing reservoirs.

The snow in the mountains must look wonderful!

mmw said...

Yeah, I think SB must be the the best place in the country to live... On the other hand, my wife once got food poisoning at La Super Rica, so there are drawbacks even to paradise.

Please tell me the big "tree" is a Yucca and the Aloe you're talking about is the one blooming underneath it (A. ferox?).

Kate, you may be surprised that "drought" and flooding are common companions in Cali. (I put drought in quotes because that word implies an unusualness that has nothing to do with years of low rainfall here).

No Rain said...

Your rain is now here in Arizona. It's been raining for about 8 hours now, slow and steady. I'm sure that when I check my rain gauge I'll find that we probably didn't get more than an inch, regardless of how long it rained. We always welcome these kinds of rains.
Your photo is beautiful.
Happy GTS,

Mark said...

It never rains in England just chucks it down all the time. It's just as well as what else would we have to moan about.

Mary said...

The photo is breathtaking. How lucky you are to live in an area that has so many different landscapes. The snow on the mountain is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Correy said...

Humans are creatures of habbit and so when drought becomes a daily part of life we start enjoying the stability of having little water.

Your countryside has an eerie look in that picture.

The Illustrated Garden said...

Hello from Mobile, Alabama! Congratulations on your precipitation, and thanks for sharing an absolutely dazzling photo. Your blog is terrific.

Weeping Sore said...

San Diego got a lot of rain in the latest storm because it began in the south and headed up to you guys. It's such a conflicting feeling, especially given the bare hillsides left by last October's fires.

In many places, the rains of January were gentle and interspersed well enough to prevent most runoff and to grow a bright baby green carpet of grass to hold the hills in place.

My eucalyptus trees, languishing with pests and drought for the past 6+ years, are so happy they're shining!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Only 5 inches of rain is pathetic, well, over here it is. ;-)

What a lovely surprise to get a bit of snow; so far we haven't seen any this year here.

EdenMaker said...

You guys are cool...Owen I've had my eye on your work ever since I read your book about landscape contracting years ago. Great stuff, would love to meet you guys one day when in SB! I favorited you guys on Blotanical!
Shirley Bovshow

EdenMaker said...

Must be great living in Paradise!