Monday, September 14, 2009

Rethinking the Suburban Lawn: National Coalition Launches New Website - Fine Gardening

I've joined forces with a heavy-hitting group of bloggers, garden writers and film producers. We've been tinkering with, debating about and editing a new website designed to help people take a fresh look at our obsession with lawns.

The Lawn Reform Coalition is the brainchild of Susan Harris, co-creator of the brilliant, and at times, scathing blog, GardenRant. Join us and find out more about beautiful, functional, sustainable approaches to gardening.

Below is the link to my blog post at Fine Gardening. You'll find lots of great links AND a chance to win grass guru John Greenlee's new book, The American Meadow Garden.

Rethinking the Suburban Lawn: National Coalition Launches New Website - Fine Gardening

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Aiyana said...

Recently I read an interesting article in the Arizona Republic regarding rethinking the belief that having lawns in the low desert is a waste of valuable water. The article pointed out that contrary to popular belief, having lawns and non desert trees surrounding homes substantially cools the air, thereby reducing the need for heavy air conditioning. Since water is used in producing energy, the whole thing becomes a wash at the least and less water use overall at the most. I know when driving through some of the older, irrigated neighborhoods in Phoenix that have nothing but lawns and huge Chinese Elms and other non native trees, it is remarkedly cooler. Certainly a new way of looking at grass use in the desert!

Donna said...

we converted our front lawn into an ornamental garden bed 7 years ago. Good thing too, because we now have to live with water restrictions and watering lawns from mains water supply is prohibited.