Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Win a copy of Designer Plant Combinations! - Fine Gardening

What a fun read this was! Scott Calhoun's book is now the first thing I reach for when I need a bit of inspiration on a planted design job. You gotta have this book!

You can win your own copy by visiting my blog at Fine Gardening Magazine and leaving a comment. Do it NOW!

Win a copy of Scott's book. Click over to my Cool Green Gardens blog.

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Nell Jean said...

I went to the link you list here. I clicked on Add comment. Nothing.
I noticed there were two thumbs up.
I went out. I came back. I clicked on Add Comment. Nothing. I noticed there were 3 thumbs up.

I gave up after I went out and in again to see if there would be 4 thumbs up, which there wasn't.

Garden Wise Guy said...

Sorry for the confusion. I posted the link using "Share This" and apparently it didn't work right. I think I've fixed it.

VP said...

Nope - it's still not working...

Garden Wise Guy said...

Maybe the third time's the charm. I've tested this link a few times and it takes me right to the article, fully functional. If anyone is having trouble with this link, please let me know.

James Missier said...

hi, Just visiting from Blotanical.
I tried to go to the link but it says: "done but with errors on the page."

Well, I guess it not going to be easy to get your free book.
Its really a cool book though.

VP said...

Still no joy - did you receive my previous comment?

I wondered if it was a problem with going in via Blotanical (as that has caused difficulties elsewhere sometimes), but having cut and pasted your link directly into my browser, there's still the same problem.

FYI - the article is just displaying pictures of the book + the comment/share this buttons. If you've written anything about the book, which knowing you you'd have lots to say about it, this isn't appearing at all.

The other question to ask is - has anyone had success since you made the change to the link and how did they manage it? Of course they might be reluctant to tell you that information as it might dilute their chances of winning the book ;)

Garden Wise Guy said...

Apologies, but I can't reproduce the same results from the access points I've tried (haven't tried linking from Blotanical). I did have the same problem earlier last night but it was fixed by 11 PM PST, Oct. 21. I've written to my editor to see if there's anything they can do.
In the meantime, type in your browser.

Garden Wise Guy said...

Okay. I think we've got the problem fixed. It's an incompatibility between Internet Explorer and some of the formatting that comes along with MSWord when I posted the article. We've got the fix. Thanks for your patience. Please let me know if there's still a problem.


VP said...

Yes, it's all tickety boo now as we say here in England ;)

As I suspected - a good write up of what the book is about. I particularly like your point about taking a design principle and adapting it to fit what will work for your garden/climate etc :)

Aiyana said...

I have this book and it's great, but my favorite is still his first, "Yard Full of Sun". I've read and reread it probably 6 times!