Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Begonia-Induced Laryngitis at

“If I see one more #%@*?~ ________________ [insert name of overused, hackneyed, bored-to-death-with-it plant] in one more garden, I swear, I’ll SCREEEEAAAAMMMM!!!!.”
I’m a lying. It’s an empty threat. There are so many plants I’m stupefyingly weary of, I’d be struck mute by chronic laryngitis.

All you’d hear is a raspy sound -- like when you’ve waited 10,000 too many miles to get new brake pads. So I just shake my head, weep silently and write this column to vent my frustration.

As I started to say two weeks ago (read I’m Sick of These Plants, Aug. 14, 2010), there are a lot of plants I’m truly sick of seeing in gardens, but what can I do? They’re ubiquitous because they’re workhorses. They show up and clock in every day, they don’t ask for a raise, and they do the job you hire them to do.

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barbara wise said...

True confessions: I'm slowly warming up to the idea of begonias in the annual beds (been preaching against their mundaneness for years). After a record breaking heat and drought shrouded summer, the maligned begonia has stayed the course and proved my snobbery to be misguided. Somehow I've had to learn to embrace the ordinary.

Garden Wise Guy said...

Barbara: There's no shame in admitting that some plants are in for the long haul cuz they earned the honor.

Rainforest Gardener said...

I know what you mean. For example, I'm using liriope in my parent's garden because I only get over there to garden once every one or two weeks, they have a dog, and it easily unifies the garden's similar fountainlike forms. Oh, and its cheap. Cheap is unfortunately important to me. Love your blog by the way!