Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wands of Delicate Color

It's Green Thumb Sunday and I just got to visit a garden I started designing just before Christmas. The sun has been out and these two gems are having a grand time of it.

The intent of the combination was not unlike other compositions I try to create balancing subtle contrast and harmony. In this case, the delicate vertical wands blend together, while the lavender flowers and ivory blooms provide the contrast. Lavandula 'Provence' (my favorite Lavender) and a California native perennial, Heuchera maxima (Island Alum Root) do the trick. There are more shots of this garden at my Flickr site. Look to the sidebar to the right for a link to my photos.

Happy Sunday. If spring hasn't hit where you live, trust that it's on the way.


Leslie said...

I like Lavandula Provence too...and I love this combination!

kate said...

That is a stunning combination - a beautiful blend of colours.

Happy Sunday back to you too!

GardenJoy4Me said...

That is a great combination ! .. I hadn't thought of pairing a heuchera with a lavender .. I'm an old fashioned Hidcote fan myself .. have to have a hardy one here in 5b zone.
Nice !

WiseAcre said...

Interesting combination. I've mixed Heuchera varieties for the contrast in foliage and bloom colors but never thought of using Lavendar with thm before.

As far as spring goes - Old Man Winter has me hostage. I can only hope he's classified as an enemeny combatant and trust he's put away for a couple seasons soon.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful combination for a nice vertical presentation. Lovely.

Your post for last week made me chuckle and then I had a little epiphany. In all the years I've been to garden shops, I've never once seen a handy reference book for gardeners to consult before they make their purchase. that would be unheard of in a tool shop or automobile parts store -- you get my drift. Boy do they see us coming! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi again, and thanks for the visit and the very nice words. I'm hoping this will be fun and educational, both. Yep, that would be my munchkin in the header. I'm kind of partial to him.

LOoking forward to the next teachable moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh such a pretty combination! You make me quite curious about that heuchera.