Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Video Blog - SF Flower + Garden Show

I think I'm finding my way at video editing. Still very much in the experimental stages of using iMovie and my point and shoot, but this one's got titles and a sound track. How's that for high tech. Lemme know what you think...all feedback would be appreciated.

While this is nowhere near the production quality of my Santa Barbara TV show (Garden Wise Guys with Owen Dell) it keeps me off the streets.

This segment is footage from my trip up north a few weeks ago. Although it might look like I was driving in a perilous manner, my eyes never left the road and my fingers never left my hands.


Shirley "EdenMaker" said...

You are on your way to your next career! I know you already have a show, but I see you doing new shows....YOUR WAY!

Sound can be a little crisper, like the attempt at music although it caused some buffering problems mid way through video.

Love the Billy factor!

Ross said...

Great video...and yes its a definite improvement. Motion sickness productions - I like it! What is the band that played out at the end?

I'm envious of the big nurseries you guys have - we have some similar nurseries here, but they are either very expensive or very far away.

gardengates said...

Fun video. Nice chance to see the sights on your drive. And I love Native Son's Nursery! They do have great plants. Thanks for sharing your trip! (And I made it without the dramamine!)

Jane Gates
Garden Designer, Coach

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Wow, the ocean and other natural features are indeed gorgeous!! AND you have hills/mountains. Pout pout pout. Looks like a fun road trip/garden visits.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

P.S. I discovered by accident that my camera had a video feature... it's VERY HARD to hold it steady!!!

kate smudges said...

Now that was fun ~ your video technique is improving. The nursery looks like an amazing place. Maybe you could have zoomed in on some plants ~ you did once, but it would be interesting to see more. Looking good BillyG!Keep at it ~

Garden Chick said...

I am enjoying your video blogging! AND no dramamine needed. I enjoy going on the nursery jaunts with you as I lack decent nurseries in my area. Your narrative is informative, humorous and a joy to listen to. Keep them coming, I will watch and listen.

Garden Wise Guy said...

GardenChick - If you're out this way you can ride shotgun anytime. Just look out for desparados - Santa Barbara is like the Wild, Wilde, Oscar Wilde West

Kate: I bought a one legged monopod (as opposed to the three legged monopod or a third of a tripod) so my camera technique should get a bit better. Then I can catch some close-ups. You can see I've also experimented with intercutting still shots - now I need to get my voice-overs more clear. I have a great digital recorder I'm going to roll out.

Monica - handheld is a bitch. I'm ready to spring for a few hun to get a steady-cam beginner's rig. But then I have to abandon the "Motion Sickness Productions" title which is too clever to leave behind. Oh, the decisions!

Garden Gates: Actually, the Dramamine is a good cheap buzz, so you might give it a try anyway. Glad you enjoyed...more to come in a few weeks.

Ross: the musical group is (ready for this?) 2raumwohnung from Berlin. Found them on Putumayo label's World Groove compilation. It's all I have from them but worth checking out. I have very eclectic musical taste running from straight-ahead bebop jazz to Cuban salsa to afro-pop and north African/middle eastern tech. (No Mexican tuba music, puleeeese! What were those German colonialists thinking?)

Shirley - you watch out girl. If my work gets any more polished you and those cats at HGTV are gonna have to deal with ME and MY EMPIRE. Maybe Oprah needs to watch her back, too.

Alice Joyce said...

U B cool dude, Billy!

Sarah said...

Fun video. So nice to see the landscape there along your road, and the ocean.

Hope you'll keep us posted if and when you start to see them herding fields of avocados! No matter what, keep the Motion Sickness moniker. Funny.

Phoenix C. said...

Really interesting seeing the scenery, as if being driven in a car. (I love the herding avocados bit!) I enjoyed the way you described the locality too.

It looks very different from here in the UK. The garden nursery looks huge.

I'd like to see more.

nestinstyle said...

Like Shirley, I love the Billy Factor. You and your commentary are definitely the highlight of the show.

I like the attempt to add in the music but sometimes hard to hear you. I am half deaf though.

I like the idea of a video blog in order to see and learn about parts of the US I would otherwise never visit. Keep up with the video blogging!


VW said...

"Your fingers never left your hands"
Hee-hee. Liked that one!

VW said...

PS, I ordered a Will Goodwin clematis this spring. If it grows well for me, I'm dubbing it your plant since the names are similar. Aren't you honored? Can't imagine you use a lot of clematis in your designs, though, since they're kind of prissy. I'll expect my vine to mutter slightly sarcastic and subversively humorous comments whenever I pass by.

Garden Wise Guy said...

VW: Looks like you've got me pegged. Sarcastic, yep; humorous, I hope so...you left off dashingly handsome.

I am indeed honored to have a plant named in my honor, even if you're the only one who knows. Thanks

chuck b. said...

I'm obsessed with 4" pots, and I'm ready to go totally 2".