Monday, June 22, 2009

Extrie! Extrie! Get Your Fresh New Content!!

Gosh, I'm prolific sometimes. Just not here. But if you want some good summer reading (longer than a Twitter tweet / shorter than War & Peace) here's what I've got for you.

When I was in San Diego a few weekends ago, I took my first tour of Quail Botanical Garden in Encinitas. It's VERY Mediterranean plantings inspired me to keep my camera on for most of the visit. But the real stunner is this Puya flower.

At my new blog at Fine Gardening Magazine's website, I pondered the difficulties of incorporating such an other-worldly plant into a landscape.

Read Flowers From a Bad Sci-Fi Movie.

With the longest day of the year behind us now, click over to this new article I wrote for It's about Santa Barbara's big Summer Solstice celebration and how the hot colors I'm seeing around local gardens inspired a photo essay.

Read Scorching Shade of Summer Solstice.

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