Friday, June 19, 2009

Slackin' on my posts

Hey, gang of probably dwindling loyal readers. I'm been a baaaaaaaad boy at keeping this blog fed. It's a good news/bad news story but I'll lay it out for you.

After humble beginnings a few years ago, my Garden Wise Guy blog has become the seed for what's turning into a real writing career. I retire from my 22 year gig as landscape architect for Santa Barbara and will be spending a lot more time at the keyboard.

From little blogs, big writing trees have grown--a veritable copse, no, more like a grove, NO, make that a forest! Aside from a bi-weekly blog at Santa Barbara-centric, I had, until recently, been freelance writing for two magazines in the Santa Barbara area. That's been good for building my writing chops, and just as I found out I was being laid off (I'm choosing to call it "retire" since I qualify for a pension) doors have sprung open and the welcome mat is saying "hello."

Long story short. I've been hired by Fine Gardening Magazine to contribute to their web site under the "brand" of Cool Green Gardens. It's a column about sustainable landscaping from a Left Coast perspective and I get to rant just like I rant here. Not to brag too much, but a recent design article on curing "one-of-each-itis" got 10,000 hits in two weeks. "Speechless" is all I can say.

So, as you can see, with two "real" writing jobs, a consulting practice to ramp up, drumming with King Bee and a new teaching position at the local community college (I get to teach landscape design!), it's hard to keep this blog well fed.

This blog has become a repository for click-throughs to my other writing. Hopefully, you'll still find it convenient to stop by here first, then venture out along the cyber-tendrils. If not, find me directly through these links below...

Time to pimp my new articles.

One at Fine Gardening is about a laid-off economist who's going back to school to study garden design. Very inspirational. If you come by, I'll love to read your comments.

And the most recent Edhat, Miracle on San Andres St., is near and dear to me, celebrating the greatest project I've had the good fortune to manage in my career. It's the story of an art-filled oasis in one of Santa Barbara's less-seen neighborhoods. There's also a link to a photo-essay at Flickr.

Later, skaters.


Pomona Belvedere said...

It's nice to hear a hopeful story about writing and jobs! I'll look forward to reading you in Fine Gardening, one of my favorite mags (and one I aspire to place an article in, but I'll try not to be too envious).

Hope you continue going from strength to strength! And I'll be looking for that half a low brow humor...

VW said...

I'm so happy to hear things are going well for you. I've been to FG to read your blog posts there and really enjoyed them, especially the one-itis post. Although I'm going to be more careful to buy just one perennial for the next while. I'm so picky that whenever I go for several of the same thing, I always seem to decide that I don't like it when it flowers (as in penstemon 'Elfin Pink' - way too vivid for my tastes). So for now I'm going to test one out for a while before I commit to a bunch. Anyway, congrats especially about the teaching job - one of my college courses was taught by a retired landscape architect, and I really appreciated his real world experience. I'm sure your students will love your wry humor as well.

dinzie said...

Well done on the writing etc...I'll go and read the articles now :O)


Aiyana said...

Good for you! I've slacked off myself, mostly because I've documented everything in my garden, which was my original intent. Haven't decided to take another direction or just post when I have something related to my garden.

Ross said...

Hey Billy, you're the busiest "retiree" I've ever seen... I'm sure your writing career will only grow from strength to strength.

I love your "Miracle on St Andres street" garden by the way.