Monday, December 28, 2009

I Love Susan Harris at Garden Rant

One good turn deserves another and that one deserves another one. Susan Harris, that super-nova ball of energy, knowledge and dry wit, was kind enough to invite my wife, Lin, and me to her home just north of D.C. last September, where I was delighted to offer some fresh design ideas for Susan's sloping, narrow, forest-surrounded backyard garden.

I guess I could have been polite and said, "It's nice," but, hell, why lie to a friend?

So I paced out and pantomimed plant massings that I thought would better serve her. A few weeks later, she e-mailed me a rough sketch of the yard I'd seen. Out came my trusty colored pens, and here's what came of it. I don't know the specific plants that will thrive in Takoma, Maryland, but I do know where she needed big background shrubs, where the border between her alternative lawn and ground covers should be, and the best place to pop things with a strong focal point.

Today at, Susan does a little show and tell.

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Chiot's Run said...

Saw the plan over at Garden Rant and I loved it. Great job!

susan harris said...

Bringing this full circle, thanx for the nice words! I guess whatever wit I'm capable of, it probably IS dry (subtle?), compared to your own much wetter wit. Or downright ribald.

Jade L Blackwater said...

Yes, Susan Harris IS pretty awesome, isn't she? I found your blog when I went looking for folks talking about the non-native trees in SB. Glad to have found you - you've got all kinds of good stuff here at the garden blog.