Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lift a Fig Leave and What Do You Hope To See?

I enjoy being a garden writer. But sometimes I long to create something that gets readers all hot and bothered the old fashion way, with some sexy, steamy heat.

Today I got my inspiration. While walking Biff the Wonder Spaniel, I espied a flagrant act of botanical erotica. As I scrambled to capture this public display on my camera, images of tattered, torrid romance novels cartwheeled past my mind’s eye.

You know, like the paperbacks with the square jawed hero, blond hair blowing Favio-like, poofy pirate shirt ripped to the navel. And always the ravaged, redhead damsel nearly collapsed in his sinewy, suntanned arms.

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jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Tee hee! Billy, you're quite the clever wiseguy, as always. Loved it.

Sfaith said...

If you think that's hot, you should check out the reproductive habits of the sago palm.

Growing Sago Palms

Sensuous Wife said...

I meet the sweetest people in blogdom! Your sexy gardening blog post gave me a smile and it reminded me of the time I wrote about gardening being sexy!
I've long thought that all creation quietly sings with Eros and today only confirms my suspicion.
Enjoy your Saturday,