Thursday, January 21, 2010

When Planets Align - Me and Shirley

Every once in a while someone comes into your life who is just meant to be there. A few years ago, I met Shirley Bovshow, first via comments on each other's blogs, then dimply face to scruffy forgot-to-shave face at the Portland Garden Writers Symposium in 2008. It was like we'd know each other since we were kids.

Ever since, Shirley (the Brooklyn boy in me pronounces it SHOOOY-lee) and I have been looking out for each other, doing video projects at her skyrocketing Garden World Report online TV project and wherever else we can team up.

This weekend, the Bovshow kid told me she'd be attend the Go Green Expo in Los Angeles. Every imaginable "green" living product and service under one roof. I'll be donning my stingy brim, filling my hip flask with a full dose of smarminess and see what kind of useful information we can report to you from the show.

For more info about what's going on and what to expect from this gruesome twosome, click over to Shirley's hand-crafted, perfectly seasoned Edenmaker blog.

Hope to see you at the Expo.


Patsy Bell said...

Like two peas in a pod. Keep each other out of trouble at the Expo!

Kylee from Our Little Acre said... two look so cute together!

Sue Swift said...

Wish I could be there to say hi to both of you !

Bren said...

This was a wonderful post.... I love how the internet connects all our gardens together.

Can't wait to see the reports from the LA expo - you two make it fun!

Garden Wise Guy said...

Patsy: fortunately (or unfortunately) we stayed out of trouble, talked to a lot of great people and figured out how to take over the world. Stand by for orders.

Kylee: Anyone in the presence of Shirley gets a cuteness boost.

Sue: Only a few thousand miles and a dozen timezones and you're here!

Bren: Shirley's a few weeks away from editing and posting the reviews. I have a second post in the works for the Expo, starring Ed Begley Jr.

Weeping Sore said...

I recognize Shirley from that gardening show on PBS where she and partner would makeover front yards. I may miss the show, but who could miss her dimples.