Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Discovered A New Plant!

Have you dreamed of having a plant named after you? Buddleia ‘Bubbah’s Blush’ or Marrubium ‘Mandy’s Madness’, maybe?

Perhaps my time has come.

Tennisia goodnickii ‘Cool Green Gardens’ has a nice lilt. Not that I’ll do the final naming of the never-before-seen tree in my new client’s garden. Okay, it wasn’t a whole tree, but you’ll see what I mean.

At first, the magnitude of my discovery didn’t compute. I at a client’s property dragging a measuring tape with my right hand, scribbling numbers with my left, and video-recording with the other.

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Grasshopper said...

Now this is so funny. :) What is Shecky doing in your head? You're right, why does it need a logical explanation? I didn't discover a new plant but I did discover that my garden responds better to rain than it does to water from the hose. I don't know the exact science of it but I take advantage of it.