Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Did You Make It To The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show?

What a week I had at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show last month. Aside from the Tweet-ups with friends I've never met and the side-trips to some of the finest gardens in the country, I got to poke around the show for four days!

If you've never been to a full-fledged garden show before, you'll enjoy reading about the exhibits, products and very cool, actively green people I met along the way.

Read the real deal at my Cool Green Gardens blog at Fine Gardening!


Ewa in the Garden said...

Oh Billy, I am so curious about the gardening Show at Malvern in England, that I am going to attend in May.... any tips you have for newbee?

Garden Wise Guy said...

Ewa: My recommendation is to get a map of the entire show (most shows hand one out when you arrive), then walk the whole show without stopping, and mark the ones you want to come back to on your map. Budget your time so you get to see your top picks first.

I always attend as a journalist, so it's different for me than someone who comes to shop. Also, take a lot of pictures, including the sign that's usually in front of each demonstration garden, so you can remember who designed it for future reference.

That's about the best advice I can offer without knowing your main objective.

Just have fun and make friends.