Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wastewater No. 5 or Eau de Toilette?

What possessed Chanel and all the other tres continental Parisienne companies to think that splashing water from the potty behind your ears will get you laid? "Eau de toilette" translates to toilet water, plain and simple, but if you say it in French, maybe it sounds romantic.

But I'm not concerned with the $800 per ounce kind they sell at Neiman-Marcus. This week, I'm writing about wastewater, wee-wee, piddle, poopie or whatever euphemism soothes your sensibilities.

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Anonymous said...

In French, toilette is a noun referring to, among other things, washing up and a lady's outfit. I guess in France a lady isn't dressed without her signature scent. Eau de toilette is simply the weakest version of scent. Perfume being much more intense.


Jenn said...

In the middle ages, people would carry apple slices in their armpits for their loved ones to consume.

Human beings are weird, and aphrodisiacs are even weirder.

On the garden post - aren't you glad that garden exceeded your expectations!

Sometimes, the future does look promising.

Lancashire rose said...

I was interested to read this post because we recycle our own waste water. We have a septic field on which we spray the oxygenated water. We never have any smell and the deer and turkey browse the field with apparently no harmful effects if breeding is anything to go by. I just wish we could use the water inside the gardens but they say that is a no no. Now, if only I could grown brugmansia and all those other exotics out there.