Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wall Street Huh?

This is a little out of form for me, but I just got back from my Portland, Oregon vacation to a slew of e-mails congratulating me for being featured in the March 31 Wall Street Journal Technology section on-line, with a very complimentary article about this blog. News to me! Really. I wasn't contacted by them and am not a subscriber, so I have no way (short of parting with a big chunk of change) to get a look at what they said.

If anyone reading this blog has a way to copy the article and send the text to me (without breaching any copyright laws), here's my real live e-mail address (do I really want to do this?). Yes.

Please send any info you can to me at billygoodnick (at) (you know how to type it, but I'm spelling it out for security reasons - thanks BSG!) My ego needs the boost!


also, lots to write about once I download all my Portland photos. Lots of great shots and loads of mystery plants I'll need help identifying.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

I can't help you in the WSJ department, but I do want to help you out in another way: When you list your email address on a website, it's better to camouflage it a bit. For example: billygoodnick AT yahoo
This prevents those wonderful webworms from "harvesting" your email address for spammers' lists!
(Learn more here:

By the way, I can't wait until you post your Portland review online. I have to go there in September and am trying to figure out a way to see the most gardens possible while I'm there... :)

Teresa said...

So did you you get much rain in Portland? It was relatively dry this past week here in Seattle. Can't wait to see what pictures you post!

Sue Swift said...

Hi Billy,
Just seen your post and it seems you're as baffled as me about the Wall St article. Yet the article starts as if they've interviewed you - which is why I thought you'd named the other blogs. A comment on my blog says that it was in both the on-line and the print version. I managed to get hold of the European edition but there was nothing - so it must have been restricted to the US edition.
I'm still trying to find someone with access to the on-line version, and if I do I'll let you know. Could you do the same thing for me?
Anyway, at least one good thing has come out of it - I found your blog! I'll be back regularly from now on.

No Rain said...

This is all I can get, but you get the drift.

Blog Watch
By Beckey Bright
Word Count: 1,248
Billy Goodnick writes this informative and thought-provoking blog on sustainable gardening and other topics, such as using the way humans perceive color and contrast to make a garden more pleasing to the eye.

"The professor in me is always looking for 'teachable moments,' " writes Mr. Goodnick, who is based in Santa Barbara, Calif. And this blog does provide its share of instructional posts. He urges his readers, for example, to remember the mantra, "right plant, right place," which means you should try to find the best place for a plant to thrive with as little life support and coercion as ...

plantgurus said...

Very cool, Congrats!