Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Portland Greens

Portland Japanese Garden
Originally uploaded by gardenwiseguy

I was clicking through my September Portland photos at my Flickr site and ran into this lovely scene. I had just attended a "getting the most from your point and shoot" session at the Garden Writers Association symposium and took my little Nikon S10 CoolPix out on a garden tour.

As much as I know that most people are drawn to gardens for the floral color, I'll continue to delight in shades of green, pairings of plants both subtle and starkly dramatic, and enjoying the way light plays throughout the day.

I heard garden writer and grand dame Penelope Hobhouse speak at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden years ago. Regarding her classic tome "Color in Your Garden" she confessed that if she wrote the book again she'd expand her section on foliage color to encompass half of the book.


Amy said...

That's a very lovely photo!

Susy said...

I am also a big fan of foliage. That's probably why I have 10-15 different kinds of hostas and that many sedums as well.

Garden Wise Guy said...

Boy, how I wish we could grow good hosta's in SoCal, but the other man's foliage always looks greener. I'm sure there's stuff we grow that the rest of the world covets. Thanks for leaving a comment.