Thursday, November 6, 2008

Redeeming Myself - There's Beauty in Santa Barbara

Hey, rather than start a new post here, stop by my new posting at

It's a story of redemption, after ripping so many hideous landscapes in my hometown.


Garden Wise Guy said...

Just got this from a City Councilman in Santa Barbara - thought I'd share...
I just loved your Edhat piece today. What you revealed is the world as seen on two (or four) feet is qualitatively different than on four (or two if a motor is involved) llantas.

On behalf of my two dogs, I want to especially appreciate your tip of the hat to the olfactory dimension. On my better days, when not too hurried and caught up in the next fire-putting-out exercise, this is how I see and feel Santa Barbara.

Thank you,

Grant House
City of Santa Barbara

themanicgardener said...

Billy--I'll have to have that article with me if I ever make it back to Santa Barbara. That was great. Makes me miss the west coast. When we left, we ordered Peets for years.

My word to be verified is "scadotle." Is that in your thesaurus?

The Garden Faerie said...

Some gorgeous shots of SB--love the closeups. Also love the Presidio sign--it's so retro in color and design. Awesome! The glass flowers put me in mind of Chihuly, even though I know they're not. If you like Chihuly, here's a post I did a while back about an exhibit of his work integrated into the conservatory at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus.

Kate, do you mean skedaddle, or something else entirely?

~ Monica

Garden Wise Guy said...

Monica: They do look like Chihuly and might well be, but the store was closed and I was just looking for images. I'll let you know if I get in there soon.

Garden Wise Guy said...

Kate - I'll check on scadotle. New to me (as opposed to skedaddle).

Garden Wise Guy said...

Kate: No dice on scadotle. I think here's what you're after:

ske⋅dad⋅dle / skɪˈdædl/
Pronunciation [ski-dad-l]
verb, -dled, -dling, noun Informal.
–verb (used without object)
1. to run away hurriedly; flee

themanicgardener said...

I wasn't after anything, actually; that's just the "word" I had to type to prove that I'm a human and not a giant spam machine. Today's is "macions." It's weird--often they're unpronouncable, but recently (or is it just your blog?) they're word-like non-words.