Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've Never Posted One Of These Here!

I know, I know...GARDEN Wise Guy. But I'm JONESIN' to play drums and my band is finally getting back in the groove a week from Friday - May 29. But the real interesting thing is that writing the e-mail blurbs for this band was my first venture in writing. Now I've got my national blog at Fine Gardening - persistence pays off.

My King Bee posts have always been a labor of love. Here's the most recent. If you're in Santa Barbara May 29, check us out.

King Bee Fans:

Recently, King Bee received a letter from a frustrated fan. Seems that he has been missing the therapeutic value of listening to and dancing to King Bee, which has had a an impact on his sense of well-being. We’ve missed playing, too.

While the current administration is working their way through the backlog of needed reforms to bring about a healthier populous, we thought we’d do our part and move things along.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter.

Dear King Bee, I’ve been suffering due to a lack of King Bee in my system. It’s having an affect on my well-being. I hadn’t realized how much better I feel after a night of, as the kids say, “Getting down and getting funky.” I talked to my doctor and he explained that endorphins are released when I’m enjoying myself aurally and engaging in moderate to aggressive exercise. He said that endorphins can produce a sense of euphoria. I did a little fact checking at Wikipedia and found this excerpt the explains why I like coming to hear you at SOhO. “A widely publicized effect of endorphin production is the so-called ‘runner's high’, which is said to occur when strenuous exercise takes a person over a threshold that activates endorphin production. Endorphins are released during long, continuous workouts, when the level of intensity is between moderate and high, and breathing is difficult. This also corresponds with the time that muscles use up their stored glycogen.” I think that pretty much sums it up. Please play at SOhO again really, really soon so I can experience a “dancer’s high”. Signed: Jonesin’ For Your Music

Dear Mr. Jones:

Please join King Bee at SOhO (1221 State St.) on Friday, May 29, 2009. We will strive to produce the necessary music that will activate your pleasure centers and keep you in tip-top physical and psychological condition. Though most of the treatment is covered by your current insurance policy, there is an $8 co-pay at the door. We highly recommend that you have a good meal consisting of some complex carbohydrates to maintain your stamina. Dinner reservations can be made at SOhO by calling 962-7776. Moderate doses of alcohol are also recommended.

Hope to see you there.

Visit us at King Bee

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Shirley "EdenMaker" said...

One day, I will see you play for King Bees.