Saturday, May 30, 2009

One-Of-Each-Itis: Ruiner of Gardens

I've got my newest post up at my Cool Green Gardens blog at Fine Gardening. "You've got the fever (yea yea) I've got the cure!"

Based on a rigorous statistical analysis that I recently made up, I've detected the near pandemic expansion of One-Of-Each-Itis. You know you suffer from it, but your first step to wellness will come only when you admit you have a problem.

This tongue in cheek article ends with solid design advice that lets you buy on impulse but still end up with a strong design. I pondered how one of those "Maybe you should ask your doctor about..." ad might start...

Scene 1: Baby boomer couple, she in a mint green gardening hat with little pink Cecil Bruner roses on the band; he in his weekend Eddie Bauer sartorial splendor. They are meandering through a nursery looking at the vast selection of colorful, enticing perennials, discussing the merits of each. They are smiling and laughing, but as he continues to observe his wife, an ominous look of worry creeps over his face.

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niartist said...

very funny blog! Here in Buffalo, NY - found your blog through balcony-garden. I'm hosting a "Share a Garden Sunday" through my blog, Color Outside the Lines and I really hope you can play along. I would love to see more of your gardens, or gardens you live near you'd love to share. It'd be fun - and it'd be great if you could participate. Off to read more of your blog ... Artie

wiggers said...

From one Billy to another..howdy.
If only I had come across your stuff back in 2006 when i spoke at the SB botanic gardens!
Billy Martin