Friday, April 10, 2009

My Four Year Old Photography Assistant - Ellie

Fremontedendron californicum

I can't think of anything particularly brilliant to impart that would be more enjoyable than recycling my article for today.

It's a lovely tale of visiting the joyously spring-filled Santa Barbara Botanic Garden with my wife and our dear friend Ellie. Pictures of Calif. natives? Naturally (Get it? Nature? Naturally? That's why you come to read my blog - top notch literary devices). Also, lots more images at my Flickr site...find the "badge" in my sidebar.

Santa Barbara Botanical Garden meadow

A bit of other news. I've become a rabid Twitter user and was honored today when my name continually popped up in peoples' FollowFriday. That's when a Twittererererer recommends that all their Twitter friends follow a particular contributor. Today's my turn in the barrel. Honored. You can follow along by finding the Twitter window in the right column of this page.

Now quit wasting time and start reading.


Aiyana said...

I wrote you a message from Blotanical, but then, I found your blog again through another source! The Fremontedendron californicum photo is spectacular.

The Ablitt's said...

Wow, nice blog! You have a great format - I can tell you love what you do:-)