Thursday, April 23, 2009

Santa Barbara: Where Earth Day Started

I was at the annual Santa Barbara Earth Day celebration last weekend. 98 degrees in April makes you kinda think about climate change. It helped focus everyone's attention on the matters at hand. People were flocking to all the booths and asking a lot of questions.

Is it just me, or has "green" become anyone's and everyone's buzz word to slap onto everything from household bleach to toothpicks? I know, anything is better than nothing, but based on my observations on Sunday some sponsors could have just stayed home, as far as I was concerned. My visit brought out the best in me and a healthy dose of the cynic within as well. Read on at my column at!

BTW: Set your calendars for May 4th. That's when I make the leap from this blog to being a featured contributor at Fine Gardening Magazine's web site and blog. I'll still be lurking around here, ranting and raving.


Claude said...

Yep... I'm afraid that "green" has become trendy... the true problem with being fashionable is that it's forever doomed to be old fashioned. The truth of the matter is that it's much greener to NOT buy stuff and reuse, recycle or repurpose whatever you already have...

Ross said...

I guess we have to hope that people are wise to the fakes and the facts - hopefully along with awareness comes knowledge? Hey!...well done on being made a featured contributor!