Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is It Okay To Eat This?

It only looks like a scruptuous sorbet, but it's Tecoma smithii (Orange Bells). I conducted my end-of-class tour on Saturday and this amazing shrub was in full glory. I call it a shrub, because it's a shrub, but I'm working hard at turning it into a small multi-trunk tree in the focal point corner of my favorite client's yard. I visit their house twice a year to prune out a lot of volunteer sucker growth, am rewarded with a turkey sandwich (rye, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and Swiss - no mayo, PLEASE!).

We're gradually making headway on the structure after 5 years from a 5-gallon starter. It's now about 12 feet tall with a spread of about 10'.

But it's the marmalade-colored flowers that steal the show, surrounded in late summer by Salvia madrensis (Forsythia Sage) with it's lemon-yellow blossoms. Nummmmmmers!

Just wanted to share. Lots going on, but no time to write much right now. Hope this holds you.


Annie in Austin said...

Some people here grow orange Tecoma as well as the yellow one, Billy, but many winters knock ours back to ground level so I guess a tree form wouldn't work... and it sounds so cool, darn it! Especially since I have a young forsythia sage already up to 20".

BTW, I hadn't seen photos of Lotus Land before, but you linked to it and Chuck at My Back Forty posted photos,'s funny how something suddenly gets on our radar! Sounds like an amazing place.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Chile said...

Saw your question on GardenPunks re google searches for your blog. If you sign up for SiteMeter or StatCounter, both free, that is one of the things included. I love having all the info from StatCounter and wrote about it here. (Please pardon the post title; it's relevant to the stats...)

Katie said...

Hi Billy,

I use for my site stats. It's free and gives great information.

Katie at GardenPunks

Ewa said...

it looks like pudding - but this peach color looks very beautiful :)

Teresa said...

What a sunny, yummy looking flower! My guess is that the hummingbirds love it! Congrats on all the accolades and your budding writing gigs.

Unknown said...

Yeah, that definitely looks good enough to eat! Makes me want to make a run for sorbet, especially since it's California-hot here in the Midwest today. :)