Friday, November 30, 2007

Was Ernie Hemingway ever photographed with rubber duckies?

So, I'm a published writer. Not that blogging isn't writing, but we're talking about becoming a real live, bona fide, ink on paper columnist! As of the November 2007 issue, I'm the GARDEN COLUMNIST for Coastal Woman magazine, a quarterly publication aimed at local women.

As their website says, "Women today are more interesting than ever as they seek ways to balance traditional roles and unconventional choices. Coastal Woman explores the ways we each make it work living in Santa Barbara, juggling nature and nurture, family and career, personal time and community care."

Needless to say, I'm stoked (that doesn't sound very literary - let's try that again). Needless to say, this is like soooooooo cool (that's better). See, I'm already rising to the occasion.

If you can't find it at one of the local outlets, you can click this link to download a copy and read it on-line (page 44).

I first came across Coastal Woman when my Garden Wise Guys TV show co-host, Owen Dell, and I were interviewed about our show. I asked the writer, Nancy Shobe, to check out my blog and give me a writing critique, and to my delight, she suggested I get CW publisher Barbara Lantz-Mateo to take a look. Well, Barbara checked out my blog and I guess she liked what she read and offered me a page in each issue.

I knew this was going to be fun when I met with the art director and photographer for the photo shoot. There I was in a yellow rain slicker, sitting in the middle of the lawn, giant red and white umbrella in hand with Barbara off to my side spraying me with a hose. Intrigued? Just download a copy or if you're local, pick one up from the newsrack.

I'm honored to be given this opportunity to reach a wider audience and having Barbara's support in spreading a pro-environmental, pro-sustainability message. Let's raise our glasses and toast to a long relationship!


growingagardenindavis said...

That really is so cool! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

We are so pleased to have you as a part of the Coastal Woman network of preferred men...

Barbara Lanz-Mateo
Publisher, Coastal Woman

Unknown said...

SO you are a prefered mle not a mere male now..... Congrats mate.

There doesn't appear to be many of us testosterone charged humans in the gaggle of garden bloggers

Garden Wise Guy said...

BBG: Love your lilting alliteration. Never knew I was part of a gaggle.

Thanks for stopping by. BG

Unknown said...

Can't take credit for the 'Gaggle of Garden Bloggers' bit, that was part of a comment at my blog by Pat from 'Bifurcated Carrots', but I loved it.